At the holding facility in USFWS's Sheldon Refuge

At the holding facility in USFWS’s Sheldon Refuge

2014 Adoption info

Adoptions are not done “in house” by USFWS as they are with BLM horses. To adopt a horse or burro you must contact one of the adoption contractors listed below. At this time we can not confirm which horses all go to what contractor, except that it is expected for mares and foals to go to Midland, Texas. All burros will go to Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue in Oregon. Sheldon horses and burros are not branded, but registered with a microchip. At the time of adoption you should be provided with information on how to register your horse or burro.

Carr’s Wild Horse and Burro Center, 4844 Couts-Carr Rd, Cross Plains, Tennessee, 37049,
Phyllis Strecker, Midland, Texas,, 432-978-0062
Gray Parker, Stanton, Texas,
Tyler Horses, Salem, Utah,, 801-420-5038

Burros were removed starting July 14 and a few more taken at this current operation. You can adopt a burro from Peaceful Valley in Oregon.

With adoptions we always like to remind people that this is a lifetime commitment. These are also not domestic horses. Every wild horse or burro you adopt is different, just like we are. However they will all have one thing in common, they are wild horses that are unfamiliar even with a water trough. Every single experience you have with them will be absolutely new to them… and within that understanding you can build a relationship like no other. A great resource for anyone considering adopting a Sheldon Mustang or burro is the BLM adoption requirement page: These ARE NOT BLM horses but the requirement list used by BLM should also be followed for adult Sheldon horses.

The below info is from 2013.

Rosie and Kidron

Rosie and Kidron

In 2013 Wild Horse Education took into our care a Sheldon Mustang mare and her foal. The Mare was captured on 9/11. She gave birth within days. Her baby was too young to survive the semi truck ride across the country and she is now in our care.

Rosie, named after “Rosie the Riviter” as a homage to her “war horse heritage,” is safe. Her baby Kidron, named after General Pershings horse, has grown into a curious and beautiful example of her herd. These two represent some of the last of the Sheldon Mustangs. If you want to help with their care and training go to: Wild Horse Education.


If you want to adopt one of the last horses from Sheldon this year (2013) and next year (2014) may be your very last chance.Currently there are three places that Sheldon NWR has sent horses. Carr’s of Tennesse that has been adopting out Sheldon horses for a long time is a good resource if you live in that area. Phyllis Strecker is in Texas and will have horses available very soon. 252 horses were shipped to J&S in Mississippi (given the recent investigations we are very concerned about the horses heading there).

Horses from Sheldon available for adoption from Phyllis Strecker in 2013

Horses from Sheldon available for adoption from Phyllis Strecker in 2013

Carr’s of Tennessee: Carr’s has a website. The link is HERE. Carr’s is to receive 120 horses in 2013. They are located in Cross Plains, Tennessee.

Phyllis Strecker: A small private rescue has taken 40 horses this year including the mare and foal pairs. This rescue is the only one that has published any photos of the current years horses available for adoption. A facebook page is HERE. A website with information is located HERE. These horses are located in Midland, Texas.

J&S Associates: 252 horses went to this controversial contract holder in Mississippi. There is no Facebook page or website to send you to. Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge list a contact for Stan Palmer and J&S as “J&S Associates at (601) 546-2555.”

Sheldon is also removing burros and did so earlier this year without giving any public notice. Potential burro adopters can contact Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue at

Photographs provided by Phyllis Strecker in Midland Texas of Sheldon horses that arrived at her ranch this year.

Horses available from Phyllis Strecker in Texas

Horses available from Phyllis Strecker in Texas


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