An American Tragedy

One ear... before the roundup

One ear… before the roundup

UPDATED 9/12/2014

The first phase of the last removal of Sheldon Mustangs and burros has ended. There are a few remnants, less than 100, wild horses left on the range. Not even the older, non reproductive, mares and stallions were left. On our main webpage we have written articles and posted reports from the removal. Http://

This website will be going through a revision process to reflect the end of the beloved herds of Sheldon. Horses shipped this week to “contractors” for placement. If you want to adopt a Sheldon you can get contact info here:

Fast edit of the roundup video:

Some of the older horses went to “sanctuary” in California. We were there at Mustang Project when they arrived. Many of these horses we know from the wild…. it is with a very heavy heart that present this to you. We will continue to track as much of the movement of the last of this Legacy… that ended as it always existed… lies, deceit, bickering, selfishness… and a few that tried to honor these amazing horses. We are writing a book on Sheldon to be released in Spring. We will preserve this legacy and work as hard as we can to make sure it never happens again.

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If you have a story or experience to share and preserve, please send it to to add to this website.




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